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How do I know if a mover is legitimate?
You must check the licensing of every Katy moving company you are considering as you want to use a licensed and insured company to ensure that your move goes smoothly.
How can I check a Moving Company’s Licensing and Insurance?
To check a moving company or moving broker’s licenses, insurance, safety data and other services related to the transportation industry please visit: When visiting, make sure to have the company’s DOT or MC number so you can see the requested data.
Why should I use a Moving Company instead of a broker?
Moving brokers act as middlemen between the person who is moving and the moving company. Brokers do not do the actual moving and typically do not own trucks or moving equipment, or have a professional moving staff. A moving company will have trucks and employs movers to perform your move.
How do I know that a moving company is Reputable?
Check the company’s reviews online, We recommend only using companies with an “A” rating that have been in business for at least 5 years.
Why do I need an estimate?
An estimate helps you understand the moving costs ahead of time and avoid any surprises on moving day. Make sure to receive a written estimate. When comparing prices from different companies, ensure that you are using only an A rated company with the Better Business Bureau and that all estimates are based on the same size shipment.
What do you need to know to offer me a basic moving quote?
To receive an accurate quote we first need to know from where to where you are moving. If you are moving locally, we will need to know the number of bedrooms and rooms you are moving. If you are moving from state to state, we need an inventory list of the items that do not fit into a box and an estimated number of boxes.
What do you need to know to offer a complete moving quote?
In addition to the size of the move we would need to know if there are stairs involved at origin and destination. Will you need packing services? Do you have any specialty items to be moved like pianos, chandelier, grandfather clock etc? Will we be able to park our moving truck in front of your home at origin and destination.
Why is charging by inventory for long distance moves better?
There are companies that charge based on the weight of the shipment. They will weigh the truck before your move, and once again after your items have been loaded. Your final cost will be based on the actual weight of your shipment. This might seem great, but because there is no way to weigh your furniture before your actual move – all you get before the pickup is an “estimate”. Most of these companies will even go as far as offering you a “binding estimate” but it is a binding only for the estimated weight. One pound different and the estimate is no longer binding. We made it simple – you give us a list of items that you want to have moved and we guarantee your price for that list as described. Easy to understand, no need to guess the weight of your furniture, just tell us what you have and we will give you an easy to understand binding price for your move.
What should I expect to pay for local moving services?
Local moves are charged at an hourly rate and the final cost is based on the actual time it took to complete your move. There are two payments: The first is a deposit to schedule the moving truck and crew, and the second and final payment is due when the movers are finished placing your items in your new home.
What should I expect to pay for long-distance moving services?
For long-distance moves, your quote is guaranteed for your inventory list and based on the distance between the pickup and delivery locations. Please make sure to provide your agent with all the details of your move for a precise quote. There are three payments for long-distance moves: A deposit to schedule the move, a payment at the pickup location, and a final payment upon arrival at the destination.
Why do you need an inventory for a long-distance move?
We calculate our price for your move based on your inventory. Using your inventory, we are able to give you a guaranteed price to move the items on your list. This way, you know the price before we arrive at your home and start working. Our prices are as accurate as your list and will never change unless you decide to add items to your moving list.
Are my items insured while in transit?
You have several levels of insurance coverage available to you. As a fully insured company, we offers you limited liability coverage at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can purchase full value protection from an insurance policy from a third party insurance company. We suggest checking with your homeowner or renters insurance provider about coverage options they may offer.
Will movers wrap my furniture?
The movers will wrap your furniture with durable moving pads so that everything’s protected during the move.
What is included in the packing services?
Our professional movers/packers will bring the boxes to your door on the day of the move, pack all items that fit into boxes, and crate the larger furniture with glass tops and doors. We’ll also provide mattress covers for your beds and pack your electronics.
Why do you need so much tape?
Movers use tape to secure the protective moving pads on your furniture. Tape is also used to create handles to help movers carry items to and from the truck
Will your moving team pack for me?
Should you request packing and/or unpacking services, we will pack (or unpack) as much or as little as you want.
Will there be boxes available on moving day?
Yes. Movers come prepared to accommodate your needs. On moving day, packing materials will be available for purchase if needed. It is helpful if you ask for packing services in advance, but we are able to handle last-minute requests on moving day.
How should I pack my belongings for the move?
Unless packing services are included in the quote you received, the movers will wrap your furniture with durable moving pads. Anything that can fit in a box should be boxed up, and all fragile items with glass must be put in a cardboard crate prior to the movers’ arrival. Mattresses and box springs should have plastic covers. You can purchase our packing service or buy packing materials from us before the move or on moving day.
Do you have storage options?
Yes! We provide both short-term and long-term storage services to clients using our moving services.
Do you have set storage fees?
Our storage cost is conveniently priced based on the size of your shipment. Meaning you are paying for the exact space you are using rather than paying for a set room size that Public Storage will bill you for even if you do not use the entire space. That means you only pay for the storage space you actually use rather than for a set room size like Public Storage will bill you for.
Will I be able to access my belongings while they are in storage?
We provides storage solutions to our clients that are moving locally and to clients moving from state to state. We do not offer an option to access your items while in storage.
How do you bill for storage?
Storage is billed month to month and should be paid in advance.
When is the best time to book a move?
We suggest that you book three to four weeks in advance. If planning in advance is not possible, we will do our best to accommodate last-minute moves. Based on availability, we may be able to accommodate moves on a 1-day notice.
How do I schedule my move?
After you contact us for your free moving quote, your assigned moving consultant will help you set your moving date.
Why do we need to pay a deposit and is it refundable?
A deposit guarantees that we will move you on your requested date. However, it is fully refundable as long as you cancel within the contracted time.
What if I need to switch moving dates suddenly?
We will do our best to accommodate any scheduling changes. As long as you give us enough notice, we should be able to accommodate your needs.
What is the payment schedule for a local move?
We ask you to prepay when you schedule your move. The cost varies, but is typically $50.0 unless scheduled at the last minute. The amount you prepay will be deducted from the total cost of the move. The remaining balance should be paid by when the move is complete.
What is the payment schedule for a long-distance move?
We require a 20% deposit at the time of scheduling. You will then pay 50% of the total cost on moving day, and the remaining balance once the move is complete. *Last-minute moves will require a higher deposit..
What forms of payment do you accept?
For your convenience, we accept credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), cashier’s check, m1y order, or cash. No personal checks are accepted. Please call your agent for additional details.


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Customer Avatar 1 Movers Network did a great job for my long-distance move for my piano, couch and TV sets Sunday evening. They communicated well (by the operator and the movers) and arrived on time. Heavy upright piano to the second floor is the hardest task, but completed within the time frame with no problem. Recommended!

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Customer Avatar This is my second move with 1 Movers Network and once again, I could not be happier. The movers called and asked if they could arrive early. They did and immediately got to work moving my things. They took great care in wrapping my items to protect them. At my new location, there was no elevator, just three flights of stairs on a hot summer day. They never complained once.

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Customer Avatar Alfonso and his crew were amazing! They got down to business right away and conquered my move in under 3 hours! They were also very patient as we tried to locate the dock of my new place. Rafael and Allen handled my things with care, taking time to wrap my bed and sofa and asking me where I wanted things placed at the final destination.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.60 Out of 5 Stars BASED ON OVER 1330 CUSTOMER REVIEWS. 

Fully insured & registered to give you peace of mind.