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Long Distance Moving:

The cost of your long distance move is usually determined by the following factors:

  • Weight of your shipment & the actual distance you are moving your belongings.
  • The number of extra moving services, such as packing & unpacking your belongings.
  • Your choice of additional valuation for your personal items.
  • The need for moving storage in transit while you are getting settled in your new location.
  • Additional accessory charges which may include things that keep the door of the truck away from the door of your new or old house such as a flight of stairs, elevators, excessive long carry, the need to use a small shuttle vehicle, etc.
  • The date you plan to make your long-distance move greatly influences the cost.
  • The busiest season for moving companies is May through September, so they may increase their prices and fees up to 20 percent during this peak period.
  • The adage “you get what you pay for” usually applies to the costs associated with hiring a moving company for your long-distance move. Partnering with a professional, trustworthy moving company saves time, relieves stress, spares you from possible bodily injury, and ultimately ensures the safety of your most priceless possessions.

The Ultimate Long-Distance Moving to Do List

According to several studies, relocation is considered one of the top five most stressful events in personal lives. Still, this whole process doesn’t need to be that difficult if you know what you are doing and make a good moving to-do list. And if you ever wonder if there is a checklist for moving, you will be happy to hear we have the ultimate moving strategy, and we are about to share it with you.

When making a plan or, in this case, relocating-to-another-state checklist, it is easy to become overwhelmed with worry and stress. Some people even forget what the reasons for the move were in the first place. To avoid this and other common relocation mistakes, it is crucial to create a plan and stick to it in detail. And yes, planning a move to another city is only part of the process, but it is one of the most crucial parts.

Make Living Arrangements at Least Three Months in Advance

Better be late than sorry, and in this case, it is better to start as early as possible. Once you decide where you’re going to live, you can immediately begin with the first clause on your list of things to do when moving – namely, making living arrangements. Whether you are relocating alone or with family or buying or renting a house, this process will last at least one month. And we are talking solely about paperwork needed to be done once you find a place.

For a house-hunting process, you will need at least as much or even more. And last, if you plan to repaint a house or do some renovations, you will need one month as well.

So, once you know how much your future rent will cost, you can budget for your move. It would be good if you could start saving as soon as you find out where you are going to live. Also, most companies can give you a free online quote – check if yours is one of them. With this free quote you can have some idea about how much your relocation will cost, so you can begin saving right away. Here are some things you need to consider in your budget:

Three months worth of rent,
Three months worth of living expenses,
Booking cross country movers,
Travel arrangements,
Real estate agent fee.

Buying a house can take longer than one month

Checklist of Things to Do One Month Before Your Move
Now it is time to set the date of your move. Of course, the date doesn’t need to be set in stone, at least until you discuss it with your long-distance movers. Once you have a date of your move, you can book flights or make other travel arrangements if you don’t plan to ship a car but to drive to a new location.

Decide What Items to Keep and What to Toss From Your Home

Before your long-distance moving company sends its agent to your house to estimate your move, it would be helpful to already have a moving packing list of things you plan to bring with you. This way, the quote for a long-distance moving service will be more precise. And of course, you probably don’t plan to bring all the things with you, so you should declutter a bit and toss away or donate some belongings. For example, if you are relocating from house to apartment, you will have to downsize significantly. The golden rule in deciding what to get rid of is to throw away everything you haven’t used for more than two years. And if you wish to know how you prepare to move to a new house, the best way to do that is with as little junk as possible.

Arrange Final Touches With Your Cross-Country Moving Company

Once you have the moving inventory list ready, you can arrange a meeting with your movers for an in-home estimation. At this meeting, you will learn all the details of your move and get to ask all the questions you may have. When searching for long-distance movers near me, make sure to narrow down your search among companies that can provide you with all the services you need. From storage units and car shipping to packing service – ask them about the additional service price once they are at your home. Depending on the number of belongings you are taking with you, this service can come to be pretty affordable. And the help will be tremendous.

Three Weeks Before Moving Day – the Packing Begins

Now that you know the answer to the question of “what is the first thing to do when moving,” it is time to go to the most difficult part, which involves pots and pans and other belongings. The first thing on your moving list of things to do regarding packing will be buying high-quality supplies. If you decide not to take this service from your cross-country moving company, you’ll have to do it on your own. It’s not recommended because otherwise, you will get supplies for free (at least most reputable companies are providing them.) Buy medium-sized boxes for the most efficient move (as they are easier to carry), bubble wrap and cushioning for fragile items, and plastic wrap and blankets for your furniture.

Start With Packing the Items You Don’t Use

How early should you start packing to move? The answer will be as soon as possible. But we all know this is difficult to do. Implement one of the best packing tips and begin early with things you don’t use. And this is on the assumption that you have already done decluttering. So if you are relocating in winter, begin with summer clothing first and vice versa. Another great relocation tip is to start with the room you don’t enter that frequently, like a basement or guest room.

You Finally Get to Arrange Important Documents
Long-distance moving is an excellent opportunity to purge your home from all the junk that has been piling up, and papers are a huge part of it. One of the most incredible benefits of relocation is the chance to finally arrange your important documents. And if you are preparing your home for sale, you will require all these papers in one place. Check this video for more tips on how to arrange your documentation.

Moving To-Do List for the Week Before Big Day Arrives

The relocation day is approaching, and you are starting to panic a bit. Sit down and relax – if you followed the to-do list for moving to the detail, you should be just fine. This is the week when you must call your utility provider companies to inform them about your move and either cancel or transfer them. Also, create a file of people and other services you need to notify about your relocation. Don’t forget you will have to change your car insurance and health care insurance as well. As you may know, different states have different car insurance premiums, so if you don’t change it on time and keep your old car insurance, it will be considered fraud. So make sure this ends up on your checklist. Also, search online for health insurance companies because you will have limited time to apply for different ones once you relocate.

Pack the Rest of the Rooms

The moment has come to finish boxing up. First, pack the bag(s) of relocation essentials – all the things you will require for the next two weeks. Then you can systematically begin boxing up the rest of your household. When dealing with kitchen items, make sure not to pack everything. Leave some dishes and pack them one the relocation day. You will have to eat until the end of the week. Do the same with bathroom items. And probably the most significant part is to label everything correctly. This way, your unpacking will be easier, and it will help your movers navigate better where each box to place later on.

If You Clean Your Items Before the Move, Your Unpacking Will Be Much Faster

While you are dealing with your belongings, clean them. That way, you will get to unpack without additional work. There is nothing worse than unpacking dirty items, and you wouldn’t want them in your new clean house. So if you are relocating furniture, book a cleaning agency and do a deep cleaning of your sofa or couch.

Take your time and clean everything you pack before putting it in boxes

You Will Need Plan for the Big Day Too
The relocation day is finally here. You are waiting for a truck to arrive. While you are waiting, you could do some preparations for movers to help things go even smoother. Place all the boxes in one room, and loading and unloading will go much faster. Also, if you have stairs on your doorway, set a ramp. This will help your professionals to work faster and safer. Another thing you can do is to create one safe room for all your valuables and essential bags. This room will be only for you and your family, and if you are relocating with a dog, a place for him to rest.

Prepare Food and Drinks for the Mover

One of the things people forget to do on the relocation day is to eat. So make sure you arrange food and drinks for workers and yourself in advance. And since all your belongings are packed, buy some paper or plastic cups and plates and lots of bottles of water. And when the time for lunch arrives, order some pizza or whatever you prefer. Also, don’t forget to have some cash on you so you can tip movers.

Reward yourself with good slices of pizza.

Things to Do Once You Are at Your New House

The list of things to do when moving into a new house is vast, but probably the most important one is to thoroughly inspect your new home. Preferably come to a house a couple of hours before your movers and check everything. This is a unique opportunity to see all the empty rooms without stuff getting in your way. Take your phone and snap a picture of all the rooms. This way, you will have proof of things you encountered.

Next, check if your utilities are up and running. Be sure to plug in your refrigerator and other appliances to see if they are working too. Look for pest residue as well as for moisture and mold.

Don’t Forget to Put Cleaning on Your Checklist

Once you are done with your inspection, you should begin cleaning everything. Bring with you some essential cleaning supplies and begin with a room you plan to sleep in that night. Then move on to the bathroom and kitchen. If there are carpets, book an agency to deep clean them. Create a plan for each piece of furniture. And lastly, once your professionals begin unloading everything, direct them where you wish each item to be placed. Ask them to assemble your furniture on the spot you wish them to be. This way, you will not have to move it around once they are gone.

Empty house is easier to clean

Finish Unpacking in Two Weeks and Enjoy Your New Home
Now that you have spent the first night at your new home, it is time to start unpacking. This job can last for months, so set a time frame for unpacking. One to two weeks should be enough. Start with the most necessary items and build your way up to less-needed stuff. But make sure you unpack them too. Otherwise, they will end up in your garage unpacked for months. And even though this task is difficult, it can be exciting. You get to arrange your home from scratch and to make a different ambient. So enjoy this moment and do it at your own pace in the weeks ahead


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